Spiritual Support Program Training was Organized for Our Earthquake Victims

06.03.2023 10:46

A Spiritual Support Program has been planned to share the pain of our guests who were affected financially and spiritually (children, young people, adults) and those who came to our city of Muş and will continue to stay here, after the earthquake on February 6, 2022, centered in Kahramanmaraş and directly affecting 10 provinces, and to make them feel that they are not alone. In order to carry out the program in a healthy way and to obtain the necessary information, our volunteer faculty teachers and our graduate and undergraduate students were trained in the field of spiritual counseling and guidance. The following topics were covered in the training.


Prof. Dr. Murat Serdar- Responsibilities of Higher Religious Education During the Earthquake Period and Muş Faculty of Islamic Sciences
Assoc. Dr. Teceli Karasu- Spiritual Counseling and Guidance at Muş Faculty of Islamic Sciences and the Purpose, Method and Possible Result of the Activity
Correct Understanding of the Earthquake Issue in the Light of Verses - Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Salmazzem
A Believer's Attitude Toward Calamities in the Light of Hadiths -Assistant Professor Abdulalim Demir
Earthquake Destiny Relationship - Assoc. Dr. Mahsum Aytepe
Support Provided to Earthquake Victims by State and Non-Governmental Organizations – Research Assistant Okan Keleş
Our Basic Religious Responsibilities in Earthquakes - Research Assistant Muhammet Bahçıvan
Spiritual Support and Counseling According to Developmental Periods - Assistant Professor Yusuf Aydın
The Place of Religious Values in Spiritual Counseling and Support - Assistant Professor Yılmaz Ceylan
Psychological Counseling and Guidance During Disaster - Assoc. Dr. Yunus Akan
Religious Language During Disaster – Assistant Professor İzzet Gülaçar
Basic Principles of Consultancy and Support in Disaster Periods - Lecturer Rabia Sümeyye Aykan