The Civilization Imagination and Pioneer Generation Conference was Held in our Faculty.

16.10.2023 15:14

Journalist and Writer Yusuf Kaplan, who came to our city on the occasion of the 2nd Tatvan Eastern Anatolia Book Fair held in Tatvan/Bitlis between 6-15 October, gave a conference on Civilization Imagination and the Pioneer Generation at our Faculty on 13 October.

Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Kenan Yıldırım and our faculty members and administrative staff from various faculties of our university, especially the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, were also present at this conference held in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. There was great interest in this conference, to which our students participated intensively. Some of the topics in Kaplan's speech within the framework of the analysis of the dynamics of Islamic Civilization and Western Civilization were as follows;

The Erroneous Identity Construction Process of Western Civilization

“The West is a civilization that builds its identity not through itself, but through others, and the psychopathology of a civilization whose identity construction is on this level is defective. This disorder is very important in analyzing the West's relationship with itself, as well as its relations with Asia, Africa, India and China.”

Committing Murder to the Children of a Civilization That Has Its Own Savior

“The murders committed in Palestine are clearly brutal murders. The ironic part is that the subject who committed these murders is the same subject who was subjected to these murders nearly a century ago. When we look at who the murders were committed against, we see that they were committed not against those who murdered him a century ago, but against the representatives of a civilization that has welcomed him throughout history.

Dishonor of Speaking on Behalf of Others

“Michel Foucoult is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. One of his brightest students is Gilles Deleuze. Regarding his teacher Foucoult, Deleuze said, even if he had not taught us anything, the one thing he had taught us would be enough for everything; He also said that speaking on behalf of others is dishonorable. "While the history of the West has become famous for many atrocities until today, the West's attempt to portray Muslims, who have contributed to its civilization for centuries, as barbarians, as in the case of Andalusia, constitutes evidence of Foucoult's lack of dignity."

Learning Your Own Civilization from Another Civilization

“Islamic Civilization is a civilization that has been in contact with all civilizations throughout history, has been fed by all civilizations and has nourished all civilizations. He did not destroy any of them, on the contrary, he revived them. In this context, Western Civilization learned everything that belonged to them from us; Aristotle, Plato, Greek Philosophy and Presocratics etc. We taught it to the Western World. It is very important that, although Christianity emerged 6 centuries before Islam, the Western world did not manage to come into contact with its Greek ancestors until it established relations with the Islamic world, and the Islamic Civilization tried to interpret in the best way the issues that the Western World could not succeed in for hundreds of years.

Education, Spirit and the Pioneer Generation

“What education should give priority to a mind is the soul. The education system in the West is epistemological, it has no heart and soul. In this sense, we are not aware of our own depth, because we have lost the faculty of awareness and awareness. Firak, that is, distance; Leyla and Mecnun. Without love and passion, even the light is darkness. We can also call this the enthusiasm of becoming a Muslim. Unfortunately, we lost this enthusiasm. I saw the enthusiasm of becoming a Muslim in Fuat Sezgin, the child of these lands. I call those who have this enthusiasm like him the Pioneer Generation. Pioneer Generation, that is, those who live in this world but do not live in this world.”

After the conference ended, Kaplan took photos with our students and chatted with them.