An International Symposium on Translations of Qur'an, Problems and Solution Suggestions was held in our faculty.

16.10.2023 09:39

Our faculty hosted an international symposium where academicians from different disciplines in the field of Theology met.

The International Symposium on Quran Translations, Problems and Solution Suggestions, which will be held between 13-15 October in cooperation with our faculty and the Islamic Sciences Research Foundation (ISAV), started on 13.10.2023 at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences. Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Kenan Yıldırım, Mayor Feyat Asya, and many academics and students working at our university and various universities in our country attended the opening of the symposium.

As part of the opening speech of the symposium, our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Kenan Yıldırım made a speech. Yıldırım, in his speech; He emphasized that the universal message of the Holy Quran will only find meaning by translating it into different languages, and that the first source that non-Arabic speaking societies turn to in their search for this meaning is the translations of the Holy Quran in the relevant language. While a reference other than the Quran as the main source of religion is seen as relatively less important in the modern period, the understanding that the Religion of Islam can be understood purely through the Translations of the Quran is gaining support day by day, but this situation has caused the social, cultural, He underlined that it could erode the legal and ethical perspective. Yıldırım concluded his words by saying, “Of course, it is not easy to translate the miraculous word of Allah into another language. In order to improve this transfer and solve the possible problems that may arise in this field, our Faculty of Islamic Sciences has carried out a very healing study. I hope that this work will be beneficial for the Islamic world, and I greet you all with God's blessings." He finished by saying. After the speeches of our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Kenan Yıldırım, the opening conference of the symposium was held with the online presentation of the previous rector of our university, Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, from Istanbul University Faculty of Theology, on Turkish Quran Translations in the Shadow of the Return to the Quran Discourse.

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