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04.11.2021 11:30


Information about our institution

Dean: Prof. Dr. Murat SERDAR

Address: Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Kültür Mahallesi Hastane Caddesi 49120-MUS/TURKEY

Phone: 0 (436) 249 18 50

Fax: 0 (436) 249 10 25





Our institution, in accordance with the decision of the University Senate dated 13/10/2010 and numbered 14, in accordance with the letter of the Ministry of National Education dated 08/03/2011 and numbered 4683, according to the thirtieth additional article of the law number 2809 dated 28/03/1983, the Council of Ministers 14/03 / 2011 dated decision was published in the Official Newspaper  dated 08/04/2011 and numbered 27899 and entered into force. In 2013, the name of Our Faculty of Theology was changed to "Faculty of Islamic Sciences". The relevant decision was made by the Council of Ministers on 08/04/2013, with the letter of the Ministry of National Education dated 28/03/2013 and numbered 374176, according to the additional thirtieth article of the law numbered 2809 dated 28/03/1983, It was published in the Official Newspaper dated 04/05/2013 and numbered 28634.

Our institution started education with its first students in the 2011-2012 academic year. There are four main departments that consists of as Basic Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Islamic History and Arts, and Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Education, 20 sub-departments and 1 program within the faculty, and students are given diplomas with the Islamic Sciences program consisting of the courses of these departments and sub-departments.

Islamic Sciences Program in the 2022-2023 Academic Year; continues its educational activities with 931 students at undergraduate level and 182 students at graduate level, 2 professor, 4 associate professors, 23 assistant professors, 9 lecturers, 18 research assistants, 8 administrative staff and 4 permanent workers.

In our Faculty, established on an area of 16.664.47 m²; 53 offices, 29 classrooms, 1 fine arts workshop for 25 people, 1 conference hall for 317 people, 2 multi-purpose halls for 100 people, 1 library for 75 people, 1 cafeteria for 300 people, 1 cafeteria for 150 people, 2 student club rooms, 2 game halls, There are 2 foyer areas, a men's and women's prayer room, an ablution room, and open break areas on the floors.

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