Dean's Presentation

08.09.2022 09:46

Education and access to information are seen as one of the basic human rights, as well as an obligation in terms of the value system of our civilization. Islam attaches great importance to teaching and learning science. The story of the creation of man in the Qur'an begins with the knowledge processes emphasized as "teaching the names". In the first verses revealed to our beloved Prophet (pbuh), “Iqra”!” namely “Read!” This process is crowned by being commanded. One of the most important aims of Islam, which was sent to ensure the happiness of both worlds as a religion, is to save humanity from the darkness of ignorance and falsehood, and to bring it to the enlightened world of knowledge and virtue. Our faculty, which has placed this aim at the foundation of its foundation, has determined its primary goal to increase its gains with the knowledge and experience inherited from the past and to guide the public in the religious sense.

   Our faculty, which has been constantly renewing itself since its establishment, expanding its academic staff and making its difference felt with its original works; It is a candidate to be one of the leading faculties of the region with its competent academic staff, undergraduate and graduate programs and the number of students exceeding a thousand. With the national and international meetings, workshops, conferences and seminars it organizes, our faculty has turned into a science center that is frequently mentioned in its environment.

   As an institution that acts in accordance with scientific standards and academic criteria in research, educates successful academicians and students, produces solutions for the religious, social and moral needs of our age with its qualified staff, and accurately and effectively conveys the knowledge and values ​​it produces on national and international platforms, our march is in the same vein. will continue.

   In line with its founding purpose, our faculty trains competent and qualified people who follow the Qur'an and Sunnah as a guide and can conduct research in the field of religious sciences at national and international standards; It considers it its duty to train young scientists and scientists who are loyal to their religious and cultural heritage, loyal to their homeland and nation, have a strong vision for the future, and can produce effective, appropriate and permanent solutions to problems.

                                                                               Prof. Dr. Murat SERDAR


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